Material Ressources

Available Equipment list:

  • Design, prototyping and training equipment for embedded systems and cyber-physical systems:
    • Kits based on microcontrollers/System on-chip, sensors, communications modules and breadboards for prototyping for activities relating to IIOT.
    • Electro-pneumatic automated teaching system for sorting parts, with a PLC and SCADA & OPC UA system, and teaching benches with Phoenix PLC equipped with IOT modules.
      Raspberry Pi cards, equipped with a camera, and high-resolution USB-camera for computer vision.
  • Didactic equipment for the study and illustration of the basic concepts of Industry 4.0: Didactic Smart Factory (Fishertechnik) with PLC, IIOT, tracing with NFC tags, RFID, cloud manufacturing, taught robots, dashboarding on smartphones, tablets and PCs,
  • Equipment for augmented reality by projection and on tablet/smartphone.
  • Equipment for additive technologies: 3D printer

Human Ressources

The centre’s Human resources are mainly permanent Teachers/Researchers, temporary human resources like technicians, administrators, PhD students and associate resources like collaborators, contractual …


Electrical Engineering Team

  • Youssef ROCHDI 
  • Abdesslam AITMADI
  • Hassan MHARZI

Industrial Engineering Team

  • Laila ELABBADI
  • Abdelmajid ELOUADI

Computer Sciences and Statistics Team

  • Driss GRETIT
  • Youssef GAHI
  • Youssef ROCHDI