COSINUS offers a catalogue of services spread over three sections:

Recherche – Developement – Innovation

The centre listens to companies, institutions or public bodies, wanting to improve their performance and the well-being of their employees, strengthen their resilience, achieve the objectives of sustainable development and be ready to take up the challenge of digital transformation, to offer them solutions based on the results of the research-development-innovation activities carried out by its teams. The service is provided in the form of developing a new solution according to the specific context of the problem or implementing a generic solution contextualized and ensuring successful technology transfer. The service also includes monitoring after implementing solutions or technology transfer, and necessary updates and provides beneficial feedback for both the client and the centre.

Thanks to the links established with industrial partners, the centre can lead a proactive policy of seeking opportunities for enhancing their performance and proposing actions based on digital transformation to improve their resilience and contribute to their sustainable development.

Formation – Technological Watch

Mindful of the fact that humans must be placed at the centre of any sustainable performance improvement strategy and that all workers must work in conditions that preserve their well-being and reduce their stress, the centre works to strengthen skills and the skills of workers, especially following a digital transformation, and for this, it proposes:

training and qualification sessions for workers at the request and according to the needs of partner companies or others, in a certain number of areas of expertise linked to digital technologies. Training sessions can be organized on-site with company equipment or at the competence centre level. The centre also works to develop virtual training and training environments without risk for the worker and losses for the company.
information and/or training sessions on new technologies, to which current industrial partners or potential future partners are invited. These kinds of sessions may or may not be supported by vendors or suppliers of these new technologies or their local or regional representatives. The centre can then act as a bridge to ensure the transfer of technology and technological know-how.
directives or recommendations for overhauling the training programs of university establishments to adapt them to the needs of companies in terms of skills and abilities. The centre then contributes to bringing the company and the university closer together.

Consulting – Advice – Support

Based on the expertise of these members and its partners, the centre offers consulting and advisory services for:

  • maturity and readiness assessment for digital transformation
    studying the feasibility and estimating the cost of such a transformation.
  • the estimation of the return on investment and the impact on the resilience of such a transformation
  • Supporting companies throughout this transformation by exploiting all the opportunities offered by the context and minimizing the risks of failure of such a transformation. Indeed, such a transformation must be part of a process of continuous improvement which requires rigorous support to guarantee scalable solutions with the evolution of performance.